List of Best Online Shopping Sites In 2019

Have you being surfing the internet to get the list of best online shopping sites for your personal shopping or for Mini Importation?

I know you have seen different search result and you have make use of terms like online shopping websites list, cheapest online shopping site in USA and most of them are not even up to expectation.

Well either you are trying to start a mini importation business in Nigeria, start a drop shipping business, start your own personal online store or just shop for items online, this article will surely cover up everything you need to know on Best online shopping sites in 2019.

Best Online Shopping Sites

List of Best Online Shopping Sites In 2019

  • Amazon |
  • eBay |
  • AliExpress |
  • BestBuy |
  • WalMart |
  • CostCo |
  • Gearbest |
  • Alibaba |


Best International Online Shopping Sites

#1. Amazon

It is one of the best shopping sites out there and the reasons why it should be on this list will surely be given below. The shopping sites is the largest eCommerce marketplace in the world and it is one of the biggest company worldwide. Since it was incorporated in the year 1995, Amazon is always on it toes delivering high quality services and products.

Amazon in the year 2008 attracted over 615 million visitors and over 130 million customers in the United State of America visit it monthly. They have been at the forefront of eCommerce industry, setting the pace for others in the industry to follow.

Unlike most online shopping sites Amazon runs what i call conventional store, offers a wide variety of products including, Books, DVDs, Agricultural Machinery, health Products, groceries, industrial materials and any other thing you can think of. There is also a review section where Amazon customers drop recommendations and ratings on products that have purchased.

The ” Search inside The Book” is one of the features that book lover will find amazing.

How does it work? The feature allows customers to search for keywords in full text of many books in catalog. Other features that Amazon stands out is the easy accessibility, fast page speed and fast delivery of orders.


#2. eBay

It is an American multinational e-commerce company managed by eBay Inc. which makes it a serious competitor with Amazon.

Many of the products available on eBay are majorly computers, electrical equipment, vehicles, furniture and Digital Products etc. can be bought and sold on this platform.. When it comes to auctioning eBay got one of the best auctioning system you can ever imagine.

At the time it was founded, eBay used to be an unregulated platform, then users can purchase guns, hard drugs,forged documents and other illegal items.

But the growth of this best online shopping sites made it a reason why they need to come up with strategy to make it restricted.

When shipping items on eBay you have three options, express mails, ordinary mail or courier service. The seller of the products is only at liberty to offer only one of the three.

If you’d like to get your items delivered to you faster, you need to pay extra fees for this, using surface lifted program or AirMail shipping program. These and many other things that time won’t permit me to list makes eBay one of the Online Shopping Sites in 2019.

#3. AliExpress

When we talk of e-commerce in China AliExpress is the first thing that will come to mind. It is one of the most visited online shopping sites in Russia and it is also the most visited site in Brazil.

Like its counterpart, AliExpress has almost everything you need to buy hosted on it by independent sellers using it as a portal to sell to consumers.

Even though it is a Chinese site, language is not a barrier as you can easily make opt for any language of your choice.

What makes AliExpress different from Amazon is AliExpress doesn’t sell directly to sellers. Sellers on it could be individual or companies.

Another thing that makes AliExpress one of the best shopping sites is, its affiliate program which is one of the best among others. You can easily make use of Plugins like Alidropship Plugin for Drop shipping business.

Price of goods is another competitive edge AliExpress leverage against Amazon and eBay, a product of $15 dollars can cost $30 on Amazon.

People who are into Mini Importation Business in Nigeria or Dropshipping Business in Nigeria make usually make use of Aliexpress. – Best online shopping sites


#4. BestBuy

It is also an American multinational company just like eBay that deals with consumer electronics. This online shopping platform sells consumer electronics and digital products like software, games, music and appliances. They also offer accidental services, computer repairs and warranty.

Sprint, AT&T,Verizon and T-Mobile are few of the cellular phones that be gotten from BestBuy. If you are looking for where to get the best musical instruments think of BestBuy.

Some people in USA, Canada and other neighboring  countries prefer to make use of BestBuy . It does not offer wide range of products like others above.


#5. WalMart

Walmart is also among the biggest one shopping platform that are still functioning today with over 11,348 stores/clubs and 27 countries in the world.

There are different types of products like Electronics, groceries, toys, fabrics, jewelry, sport and fitness products for you to choose from.

Other services render by Walmart are WalMart MoneyCard,Pick Up Today and WalMart Pay.

One of the goal of the company is to offer good services at not too high prices to the people, which is the reason why millions of people visit this site on daily basis.

What makes WalMart different is that people don’t have to pay any fee before they place their products on it.People love for free and cheap things is one of the reason why this site is on the list of Best online shopping sites in 2019.


#6. CostCo

The second largest online retailer after WalMart , it is geared towards the sale of products at cheap prices, the produce are always in bulk and sold to large families and businesses.

Being of the most reputable online shopping sites in the world, CostCo gets up to 42.1 million visitors on a monthly basis.

#7. GearBest

The last on the list of best online shopping sites. It is a Chinese brand. They are highly respected because they offer best products.

Products listed on Gearbest are genuine and the following steps should be taking before placing any order.

  • Check the suppliers
  • Inspect Production
  • Test samples
  • Spot-checking products
  • Tracking of after sales

Items listed on Gearbest are mostly cheaper than others

  • Delivery is top notch
  • They provide delivery to 200+ countries
  • Products from brands like lenovo,Xiaomi, Huawei are listed
  • Up to 40 global payment methods
  • Currency is not a barrier


#8. Alibaba

Alibaba is one of the biggest e-commerce companies in china and in the world. The online shopping site is the three stores own by Alibaba Group Holding Limited founded by Jack MA and Peng Lei in 1999.

Other online shopping sites own by Alibaba includes Tmall and Taobo.

It is now a home for entrepreneurs, mini importers from Nigeria, if you are trying to dropship, think of Alibaba.

They recorded transactions of more than $240 billion in a year which is more than that of Amazon and eBay combined together.

It is good for online shopping for merchants and drop shipper, one of the greatest challenges of this platform is going mobile.

Millions of people now make use of mobile phone to buy goods from the corner of their rooms and offices, their is a need for them to work on mobile responsiveness.

Asides from the problem above, Alibaba is one of the best site i will recommend for real drop shipper, whole seller, retailer and even consumer that are interested in getting goods at cheap price.



After taken you through the list of best online shopping sites , this list is evergreen as we will be having more e-commerce site come on board, some on this list might even lose their rankings if they fail to meet up with standard.

Online shopping is here to stay even though it is not yet evenly accepted around the world but i believe with time it will get better.

Once we have more people trust online shopping owners especially in Africa trusting online shopping then site like Konga and Jumia that are Nigeria won’t be having problem.

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