5 Best Outdoor Tanning Lotion For Tattoos

Best Outdoor Tanning Lotion For Tattoos- It give a stylish look on the skin of those who have one. On the other hand, it can change the way the skin react to other chemicals. A tattooed skin is more sensitive than the regular skin of those with none. It become dull and dry at the end of the day. Ultra violet rays are responsible for damaging of tattoos.

In the case, getting the best outdoor tanning lotion for tattoos is the only solution. Tanning lotions that are needed by those with tattoos are different from the review on best outdoor tanning to get dark fast and outdoor tanning lotion 2019. It is designed to prevent fast aging and boost moisture. It will prevent the tattoo from fading.

Best Outdoor Tanning Lotion for Tattoos

Best Outdoor Tanning Lotion For Tattoos

  • Designer Skin Black
  • Supre-Snooki Ultra Dark 70x
  • Millenium Tanning Paint it Black
  • Australian Gold JWOWW Natural Black Bronzer with ink-Drink Complex
  • Ed Hardy Coconut kisses Golden Tanning Lotion


Best Dark Tanning Lotion With tattoo Protection


#1. Millennium Tanning Paint it Black

This is an advanced skin tanning lotion. It contains silicon and the bronzers that help to accelerate the darkening process. The presence of silicon improve the lustier and skin posture.

It is active and work immediately after application. Within few minutes, it will darken the skin. You will also feel the orchid smell. After application , it is good to wash your hands. Otherwise you will be affected by the stains.

Due to its fantastic and outstanding performance, it is one of the most reliable items.


#2. Australian Gold JWOWW

An ideal outdoor tanner. Introduced in the year 1985. It is the solution for those whoever is looking for instant way to tan without going outside.

This fantastic product contains vitamin E, Kendi Oil, yogurt with other healthy element.

#3. Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tan

It contains a healthy mixture of silicon and the tightening, smoothing components. Judging by the ingredients use in the production of Ed Hardy Coconut Kissesit will protect the tattoo and the tan. This lotion is best for pale skin. It can be use on mostly any types of skin.

Beginners in tanning might find it difficult as it is a liquid. But trust me the anti aging formula use in this lotion is superb. With these extra benefits, it gives a boost to the skin.


#4. Designer Skin Black

One of the favorite product use by tanners and designers. It is known for its attractive scent. It has a well and lasting impression that will make one want to visit the beach everyday for tanning.

The bronzers gives the skin smooth and plain color. The silicone emulsion in it gives it more durability. Recommended for whoever is looking for a swift and lasting result. –


#5. Supre- Snooki Ultra Dark 70X

Are you looking for a long lasting dark skin? here is a perfect lotion for you. The surprising fact is that it is a versatile materials. You can call it a firming cream, bronzers and also a skin conditioner. It gives the skin a toned appearance. It is made up of Vitamins, DHA, natural oils and henna.

The coconut and almond are there to improve the moisture condition. The skin will be secured from rapid aging and dryness.It is for every type of skin. – Best Outdoor Tanning Lotion For Tattoos


Facts you need to know about Tanning and Tattoos

According to a recent surveys carried out, it shows that at least 30 million people are using tanners. This same statistics also show that 45 million people have tattoo on their skin. It can be permanent or temporary.

The UV rays attack the epidermis and the active melanin cells. The melanin then discharges tanning pigments from the cells in the body system. This is what is responsible for the fading of tattoos.

Important Buying Tips

What to buy depend on your skin condition, below are the tips to follow before buying any of the Best Outdoor Tanning Lotion For Tattoos.

  • Check the ingredients use in producing it. it should contain critical natural elements like coconut oil, almond, minerals, etc.
  • Without a long lasting effect, spending hours tanning becomes valueless – check out for durability
  • Watch out for toxic chemicals. the skin is one of the most sensitive organ of the human body. So you need to be concern about what and what you apply to your skin.
  •  Look out for color and design – The lotion should have appealing color. It will reflect from your body and intensify the skin.
  • Most of the products are costly to buy but try to get one that you can easily get from the market. And never try to compromise quality for quantity.

How To Use Tanning Lotion?

Anyone that want to tan needs to do it regularly to get the maximum benefits. You should use more tanning lotions immediately after you have tanned your skin. When you are through with tanning you should always make use of after-tan moisturizer to keep your skin in order.

Ensure that the lotions you are buying are made up of formula that work for the neck and face. The sensitive parts of the body needs specific products. If the tanning lotions you bought does not indicate that it can be use on your face, you will need to get a tanner that is made specifically for the face.


Benefits of Using Tanning Lotion

  • It reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and breast cancers
  • Serve as a main source of Nutrients like Vitamin D, which prevent Osteoporosis and Promote bone development in users
  • Help in enhancement of mental health.

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