How Long Does it Take to Tan Naturally 2019

How Long Does it Take to Tan Naturally? Tanning is now one of the most practiced process by those who care about their skin beauty. Taking care of our skin maybe a big deal due to the fact we live a busy life. It is a great choose when intending to intensify your skin appearance. To get a natural tan, you have to be patient, with some set of procedures, you’ll be able to get a darker tan.

Tanning may take different time range for different people because of the differences in skin types. Some individuals tend to get the tanning within few hours while some others may get sunbathed with that number of hours.


How long does it take to tan naturally? But before that, let’s quickly have a run through of what tanning is.

What is Tanning?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, tanning is a browning of the skin especially by exposure to sun.

Things to Consider While Tanning

There are a lot of things that may determine how long it takes for skin to tan.

  • Hue of the Skin:

An individual with darker complexion can reach a perfect tan results within minutes or an hour of sunbathe. For individuals that have fair skin, it will take an hour or more to achieve a perfect tan result.

  • Direct Exposure to Sun:

Overexposure to sun is quite different from tanning. Involving in a proper tanning process, the  products and complexion will be considered, which is different from just exposing yourself to the scorching heat of the sun. This can cause harmful effects apart from the burning of the skin.

Don’t try do the tanning too much while sunbathing. For individuals with dark skin, they should go for a 20-minute sunbathe, take a shower then get back to sunbathe again. Once to three times should do the work. – How Long Does it Take to Tan Naturally

How Long Does it Take to Tan Naturally

How Long Does it Take to Tan Naturally

Tanning may take different time for different people since individuals has skin differences.

Some individuals get to gain color within few minutes of sunbathe while others may burn if they try to sunbathe for the same amount of time the initial person used.

The best way to decide how long it will take to tan naturally is to find out your skin tone.

Melanin is the pigment that affects people’s eye, hair color and it also affects their skin.

The individuals with just little melanin or so have fair skin and they to tend to burn so easily – they also may struggle to tan at all.

Whereas, if you have more melanin in your skin, you can get a darker color in a matter of minutes/hours.’

How Long does it take to tan in the Sun?

If it is your first time you can not spend lots of time under the sun.You need to spend only 10 to 15 minutes of your time for the sunbath. Following precautions is a necessity which you have to make use of sunscreen. The best time to tan is late morning. At this moment , you get light sun rays that are not harmful but beneficial to your skin and health. In the mid day, the sun becomes aggressive. It may burn your skin into what you won’t like.


Sun tanning guide

Tanning is more than putting yourself body under the hot sun, it is an art on it own and you need to follow guides just like scientist follow rules when carrying calculations.

  • Make use of proper sunscreen materials
  • Use Sun glass for eye protection
  • Use standard tanning products
  • Buy products from verified sellers
  • Do it at the right time( select a perfect period), the best time is 9 A.M to 12 A.M.


What types of lotion can you buy?

Types of tanning lotion to buy depends on you, we have the : best tanning lotion for tattooed skin,  tanning lotion for acne prone skin and others. Some are spray from, some are in paste form while some are in liquid form.

You need to choose base on what you want to achieve with it and your skin condition at the time.

Best Tanning Lotion

The next section after How long does it take to tan naturally is best tanning lotion. To get a more complex reviews on the best tanning lotion, check out my previous articles on tanning.

  1. Tan Moisturizer
  2. Ultra Dark Lotion Self
  3. Jergens Natural Glow Daily

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