The Untold SNS Nails Pros and Cons 2019

If you are searching for SNS Nails pros and cons, then you are right place. Just keep on scrolling and you will surely get all the information you need on SNS nails as a whole.

SNS nails generally tends to be better than the natural nails and needs no Ultraviolet rays, therefore we are able to understand why it is trending. They are different from others nail in the market.

In this article we will discuss, SNS nails pros and cons. Before then you need to know what SNS nails is.


What are SNS Nails?

SNS Nails Pros and Cons

SNS nails can be refer to as a nail dipping system and stands out among others to get Signature Nail System. Dipping system in short can be refer to as a sort of nail enhancement, and therefore are mix with glue resin in the process and a modified kind of powder.

It is known to be a long lasting alternative to nail enhancements method like Shellac. The nails are ready in a typical manner, then dried and then a coat of resin is use.

It is then dipped into into the powder immediately to prevent the resin from drying up. It is then replicated over time to produce the desired form.

According to a research carried out, it is regarded to as the most healthier nail enhancement alternative. The good thing about SNS method of nail enhancement is that it is fast and hardly need any filling.

That alone makes it healthy for the nails.


What are the components of SNS Nails

Before we talk of SNS nails pros and cons, we have to mention its component for better understanding.

For a naive, SNS products is made up of Vitamins that fortify the nails. Another point to take note of is that, they do not contain a number of poisonous ingredients that are in other polishes. Third, there are dozens and dozens of colors you can select from. Lastly, you do not have to expose your fingers to UV light before your gloss could get dried.


It is made up of vitamins like, Vitamin E, B5, A and D to protect the nails and reinforce it. The dip powder contains eucalyptus and glue(Cyanoacrylate). Since the glue is the one that activates the powder to the healing procedure. Their is no need for UV light to dry it up.


You can check out for more information on the website and find out training courses available.


What are the SNS Nails Pros and Cons?

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SNS Nails Pros

The pros is surely more than the Cons when compare to other alternatives

  • It dries faster without exposure to UV rays
  • You have many choice of colors to choose from
  • Made up of nourishing ingredients
  • The end products seems natural
  • It is odor free – The materials used are of high standard products and the powders are entirely free from odor.
  • Comfort – You get less powder on your nails .
  • Time – It does not need much of your time compare to the traditional acrylics. It can easily be learned within minutes without leaving the four corners of your room.
  • Creativity – Since it is trending, you will find many videos and tutorials that shows you different styles to choose from on YouTube


SNS Nails Cons

  • Removing it is always hard
  • Acetone is needed for easy removal
  • It is more expensive than gel nails
  • More research is needed before applying, so things won’t be mixed up.


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After discussing SNS nails pros and cons, I can say that dip powder manicures is a brilliant method to get yourself beautiful nails that can last for weeks without fading off. SNS nails is made up of series of products used by popular manicurists. The system is is built in a way that anybody can use.

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